Welcome to my personal website where I share my work with you.


I have been fascinated with bacterial infections and investigating ways to treat them since my undergraduate degree in biomedical sciences. My doctorate degree involved studying the potential of using bacteriophages to control a foodborne bacteria in broiler chickens prior to slaughter for food consumption. As a postdoc I managed three different  microbiology  labs in both UK and US academic institutions. I then worked in the biotech industry developing phage-based products to detect food pathogens and decontaminate food. My experience in industry helped me develop an insight into how to develop products that comply with regulatory guidelines, as well as gain experience in overseeing multiple projects, managing a team of researchers and meeting deadlines.


I now run my own research lab as well as manage multiple research projects for a number of VA Invesitgators at both the Salt Lake City VA Medical Center and University of Utah.

Micro-Phage, Epi Laboratory

As the Director of the Micro-Phage, Epi Laboratory my primary focus is translational research to study prevention and treatment of bone and wound infections using experimentally infected animal models. I am interested in forming collaborations with other researchers to help with the design and development of reproducible small animal models. My lab is set-up to conduct service work capable of supporting microbiological analysis of environmental, food, and clinical samples, working with both academic and industry partners.


As a member of the Informatics, Decision-Enhancement and Analytic Sciences IDEAS Center (a VA HSR&D Center of Innovation), I oversee a wide variety of projects related to the planning, management, and completion of numerous major multi-year studies. I am interested in building a sustainable and scalable program grounded in established scientific practices, utilizing state-of-the-art methods that will enhance the research environment and the applicability of the evaluation results to other programs and medical centers.