This research-training program is designed for students who are interested in expanding their knowledge and experience of working in a microbiology lab.  Our group’s specific research interests are in preventing, treating and diagnosing osteomyelitis.  By the end of the first semester in this program, students should be competent at performing basic microbiological and molecular biology techniques; demonstrate a working background on how to identify bacteria; and describe phages and host kinetics.


Students demonstrating the necessary skills to undertake a research project will be able to critically evaluate relevant research articles and engage in a systematic and methodological approach to test the hypothesis or specific aim(s) being studied.

Student Funding Resources

The University of Utah provides its undergraduate students and faculty members the opportunity to work together on research projects through support programs. For potential sources of financial help, check out the links below for more details.


Are you a medical student at the U? Interested in doing research during your Summer break and get paid for it?