VA Funding to study 'Phage & Antibiotic Combination Therapy for Use on Polymicrobial Infections'

Polymicrobial infection in a rat tibia developed after 14-days using bioluminescent strains SAP 231 and Xen 41 at a 4:1 ratio (~5x105 Total CFU).

Our pre-clinical research focuses on assessing the feasibility and efficacy of our phage-antibiotic combination (PAC) treatment to combat polymicrobial infections against S. aureus and P. aeruginosa, while minimizing systemic concentrations and the associated undesirable side effects seen when using last-resort antibiotics. The development of our PAC treatment could have a profound impact on the medical community by presenting an alternative treatment to control difficult bacterial infections caused by some multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs).

One-third of Veterans admitted to VAMCs suffer from infections by MDROs resulting in higher treatment costs, longer hospital stays, and higher rates of mortality compared to patients with susceptible bacterial infections. Our research can have a direct beneficial effect to the quality of care provided to Veterans and the nation who suffer from skin and soft tissue infections caused by some MDROs.

Principal Investigator: Catherine Loc-Carrillo, PhD